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Hey Pals,

Welcome to BeHappySoul , a blog for  passionate bloggers and people who want to be happy or currently traveling in the direction of happiness.

The word “Happy soul” has Numerous Explanations given by many great Saints.Out of all what I liked the most is

“A Happy Soul is one who is able to differentiate between need and want”.

This is not a website for preaching so what will you find on BeHappySoul:)

  • Knowing the stuff which makes us happy{ You can know this from different people’s experiences }
  • Earning concepts that makes us happy

                  —>Earning Money(Seems to be easy but needs more than effort)

                  —>Earning Respect{A simple concept but earning it…!!! We can try:)  }

                 —>Earning Credits ( This part deals with studies)

                 —>Earning Good Personality ( This is easy to tell but difficult to follow..But following this makes a huge difference) and finally ,

                —>Earning Success(The super mantra which is needed for everyone)

  • Tips to become a successful Entrepreneur.
  • Tips about your look(This part deals  with fitness and beauty)

This blog contains all the elements we need in our daily life to be happy.

I bought this  domain just to put my thoughts into words. Which has started as a time pass has now become a platform for numerous subscribers to share their experiences with me.

This Blog is helping many individuals to overcome the Inferiority Complex  thereby experiencing the true meaning of life.

 “Happiness increases and decreases depending on the level of power one has. When you have more power, more control on your life, you feel more happy and self-confident, as your power decreases and the control of your life slips away, you get less and less happy and when you no longer have any power to rely on you reach depression and despair.