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Best Android Phone for Daily Use….?

Guess what is the most unforgettable gadget we always carry with us? Of course it’s a smart phone. Even Pre-primary kids know it ūüôā When i lost my phone, I searched all over the net for the best featured phone within my price range. Then i came across Moto G play 4th gen.¬† I have […]

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How to know our caliber..?

  Caliber is the one’s potential or excellence to perform a task. Caliber of any individual depends on the type of mission they¬†take up. For example: Michael¬†wants to prove his caliber in a competitive examination.He have to assess his talent and capability and then have to start working in that angle. Assess the your caliber: […]

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Strategic Marketing

What is Strategic Marketing Strategic marketing is economically created plan to satisfy customers while increasing profitability and productivity of the organisation. The plan is created to yield better results. Strategic Marketing Overview Organisations need Strategic marketing to know more about the customer requirements¬†and there by attaining customer satisfaction which in turn improves company’s overall performance […]

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The Perks of Being a Freelancer

Freelancing has become an recent trend now a days. Being a freelancer has unlocked a new world for me professionally. When my friend have given me the idea to start the work¬†from home ,i just laughed at that idea. But having control over what projects we take, time allotment , the money we charge etc […]

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Why is Staying Fit a Priority in Modern Life

The development of a man is a gradual process, and it needs constant efforts. For our overall development we need education and the word education has a wide meaning as it is related to the training of our body as well as our mind. Mere learning of different subjects and reading of books are not […]

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