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Family, the important key for everyone’s life given by god. A family can influence one’s life in a positive way or negative way. I am not saying this as a matter of fact, it is from the heart of many people who got suffered and who have achieved their targets because of their families.ideal family

Ideal Family:

Our parents are the people who have created us. Some of our attitude, habits, and genes come from our parents. We should be thankful to them not because they have given us their genes because they have given us the birth and made us to enter this beautiful world.
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Mother suffers all the pain to bring us to the world and she takes care of us every minute to protect us. That’s why mother is the first teacher to every child. Father is the person who takes care of the children in every possible way and is the protector of the family. Our siblings makes us to learn the art of sharing 🙂 So we have to be thankful to our family.

Family – The Complete First and Second Seasons

We may be handsome or unattractive, may be short or tall. Family are the people who accept you for who you are and your parents are the one’s who would do anything to see you smile and their love never ends.

A Family –

  •  celebrates your happiness.
  •  makes a society Better.
  • stays with you at any situation.

By god’s grace I have such a wonderful family and my parents have helped me from my childhood to achieve my goals.This may not be the case with all the families.

I have seen the children who have suffered at the hands of their own family members. A lot of people have been abused, abandoned, neglected by their own family. Some families are just toxic and do not accept you for who you are. Some  try to control the way you think and act so you don’t know who you really are. non supportive- family

My friend left his family at the age of 18 and never looked back. Now he is working as a software employee.

What i am saying is,the impact of our family will be more upon us whether it may be an ideal family or not. Because they are the people who influence us more starting from our childhood.

Do you really think an ideal family exists now a days. I would like to  know your comments upon this post.

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