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Good Personality is nothing but our character and it tells us the way that we think and react to a situation. This is what many people think and say about Personality.

But in my opinion Good personality is the combination of physical appearance and mental strength.I am not going to discuss these two topics again.You can click those links to know more about them Both of these are very important aspects of one’s personality. Let’s take an example

A person who is very jovial, Loyal and punctual joined in an office. Though he had a very good personality, (that’s what many people think it is..!) his colleagues talked behind his back and he made very little friends.  But why…?

This is because he hasn’t taken care of his physical appearance. It is true……..!!

There is a saying, “First impression is the best impression”.

Generally we are judged by our looks (here the looks refers to physical appearance) firstly. A  person with trimmed hair and ironed formals will be more likely to get selected in an interview compared to a person with shaggy hair and fancied clothes.

Tips for Good Personality:

  • Change should start from outside. This means change your appearance first. Believe me this influences you more than you think.
  • Dont try to change the world. If you start realizing what is right and what is wrong and act accordingly then definitely the world around you changes in the way you desired.
  • Learn to smile. This is very important because a smiling face makes a day bright. Many people like the persons with a genuine smile.
  • Develop listening skills. Every one has their own headaches and everyone needs a shoulder. Listen to what others are saying. It also helps in learning somethings from their experiences.
  • Fitness and health are also one aspect of personality which is neglected by many of us. Don’t believe me….??then click to know more about them.

 If you have any questions or if you have tips to add, I would love to hear from you