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Making Money Online

Making Money Online seems to be very easy because that’s what we see in most Banner Ads nowadays like earning $30000 in just 5 days, $20000/day in 1 week, blah blah blah ..

But do you really believe it?

My answer is no

In reality  it takes some time to  see the money in your account. But why many people speak about making money online as a simple task..? This is because some programs are easy to signup and you can earn from those platforms but the cons here are that the amount we see is very little. We have to register for many programs to actually start earning a good amount.


making money online

Some of those Platforms are

  • Affiliate programs provided by platforms like Commission Junction, Click Bank . These have large pool of products and we can get commission  for selling the products.
  • Try as a Virtual assistant. A freelancer who provides online support by working remotely. He/She need not go to their client’s offices physically .Their job is to work from home.
  • Get paid by playing.If you are familiar with games like online quizzes, Cross-words, Hangman etc you can earn money. contests2win  is one such site where you can earn by playing.
  • Selling Photos.If you are a good photographer or a graphic designer then you can sell your creation and earn. Fotolia and Dreamstime are some of those platforms.
  • e-tuition’s/webinars.If you are good at teaching and willing to work from home then you start e-tuitions.You can enroll in platforms like Tutorvista,e-tutor etc .

We can start making money from the above platforms but it all depends upon your skill and in choosing what niche is perfectly suitable to you.

If you are good at writing or if you have the capability to put your thoughts into words then you can prefer Blogging  or Paid Writing( Jot down articles for other blogs or other websites). 

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