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Strategic Marketing

What is Strategic Marketing

Strategic marketing is economically created plan to satisfy customers while increasing profitability and productivity of the organisation. The plan is created to yield better results.

Strategic Marketing Overview

Organisations need Strategic marketing to know more about the customer requirements and there by attaining customer satisfaction which in turn improves company’s overall performance and profits. This plan helps to innovate new skills and penetrate into the market.

The Strategic plan includes

  • Types of Marketing Campaigns
  • Different Communication Methods
  • Attract and Engage new customers
  • Methods to improve Company’s performance
  • Targets for New Employees

Every organisation should have a Strategic marketing team to penetrate and stabilize in the competitive market. The team consists of a manager and employees from different departments such as  sales, production, administration etc. The manager collects all the information from the employees and set the goals and objectives for the organisation’s Marketing strategy.

There are many types Strategic Marketing but only some of them are giving the desired results.

  • Mouth to Mouth Marketing
  • CTA Marketing
  • Viral Marketing
  • Online Marketing
  • PR Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Event Marketing
  • Offline Marketing
  • Content Marketing
  • Direct Marketing
  • Free service Marketing
  • Micro Marketing
  • Social media Marketing
  • B to B Marketing
  • Promotional Marketing
  • Cloud Marketing
  • Reverse Marketing
  • Tele Marketing
  • Sample Marketing
  • Guerrilla Marketing
  • Mobile Marketing

Many reputed organisations use some of these strategic marketing techniques for improving their Business.Let us know in detail about each technique

Mouth to Mouth Marketing:

This is  also called word of mouth advertising. Customers will use the product and if they like it then they recommend it to others. Sometimes to improve the sales companies will pay the customers to speak about their products.

CTA Marketing:

Call to Action marketing is designed to provoke an immediate action from the customers.

Click Now, Offer valid for only 2 days etc are some examples. Depending upon the production of the company ,the manager decides which type of action to be used to get immediate result.

Online Marketing:

Its a modern day technology. Marketing through search engines and promoting the business by leads, affiliates, Third party websites etc comes under online marketing. This method costs low when compared to traditional marketing methods.

PR marketing:

Public relations is also one of the many effective marketing strategies. The companies work with media to establish their products in the market. Some companies announce their new products by holding press conference.

Event marketing:

Conducting events and promoting products is one way of marketing. Some Companies are conducting events for Festivals and Holidays to increase their sales by attracting customers.

Email Marketing:

Maintaining relations with the existing customers is also important. This type of marketing helps in establishing the relation with the known customers by reminding them about new product launches.

Sample marketing:

To attract more customers companies give sample packs or reduce the cost of the products or services. Some companies give trail packs of their new releases along with the existing products. This helps the customers to know the new product without any further publicity.

Guerrilla marketing:

Targeting big crowds by an element of surprise to promote the Business is called Guerrilla marketing. This type involves a lot of creativity.

Reverse Marketing:

Here the customers approach the sellers.As the name indicates this strategy is a reverse of the traditional way where the seller approaches the right customers. Some reputed companies like DOVE, VATICA Etc have conducted campaigns using this strategy which in turn has improved their turnover.

Promotional Marketing:

This strategy is used to trigger customer’s interest  into buying.

Attracting people by conducting contests,giving samples( Some food industries conduct food camps to promote their products), Discount coupons etc.

Social media Marketing:

The SMM is fastest and quickest way to approach right audience.Media sites like Facebook and Twitter act as a advertisement panel to promote business.

Micro marketing:

Also called as niche marketing. Concentrating on a particular niche and developing the business depending on it.

B2B marketing:

Business-to-business marketing is a practice where organizations sell their products or services to other companies and they in turn resell them or  use them to extend their own products or services. This is a very intelligent approach which benefits both the organizations.


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