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How to achieve Success?

Success is not the key to happiness. Happiness is the key to success. If you love what you are doing, you will be successful- Albert Schweitzer
I do believe this After all you cannot say every successful person is a happiest person. Many people pursue their goals and some even achieve them. But setting-up and accomplishing the goals doesn’t mean you have achieved real success. A true success comes when you deeply enjoy your success  celebration.


After listening to many successful stories what i have understood is, the key to true success  is the combination of three letters “AOT”.

What DOES it mean:

“A” stands for Attention.

Enjoy every experience in your journey. This gives you so many memories to remember. Don’t chase success with your blinder’s on.This lessens the beauty of the success.I have seen many people striving for success by missing small elements like sharing, celebrating.

Giving attention to your family members or friends by sharing your thoughts and celebrating     get-together or some small parties gives you a new kind of energy. Try it and you will experience the hidden secret energy.

“O” stands for Organize.

Organizing your path to success is nothing but clearing all the thorns present in that path. You must put your action plan onto a paper to know what’s your next step:

  • You should be very clear about your wants.
  • Set your goals as short term and long term. This indeed helps you to know what to be done first.
  • Firstly plan to complete your short term goals by monitoring your every single task and by planning how to complete the next task.
  • Try to write down your working strategies  to know more about what-to-be-done and             what-not-to- be-done.

“t” stands for time:

Most of the people who are chasing for success covers themselves up with a cloak named PWA (PLANNING–WORKING–ACHIEVING). They don’t even let some charm to enter the cloak. This in long-run leads to frustration. So give some time to yourselves.

Take a walk,Spend some time with your loved ones, Do something which is of great interest to you ( I love to watch nature if i get irritated), If your mind is fully packed then try to get a shower it will be very refreshing, Give some importance to fitness also ( meditation helps you to relax).

Giving some time to yourselves always plays the trick.

Infuse these three elements into your dreams will help you to achieve true success along with inner happiness.

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