The Perks of Being a Freelancer

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Freelancing has become an recent trend now a days. Being a freelancer has unlocked a new world for me professionally. When my friend have given me the idea to start the work from home ,i just laughed at that idea. But having control over what projects we take, time allotment , the money we charge etc ..,all these factors have transformed me into a full-time freelancer.

Every freelancer will have their own DO’s and DONT’s . This is mine

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Time factor

During my days in the office i had to work from 9.00 AM – 7.00 PM. But now as a freelancer i can fix my own time. Though some projects take much time than anticipated but still traveling at my own pace gives me some mental peace.

My friends say they do-not find time even they were self employed. But what i suggest is work should be done in a smart way.We should know how much work can we do before saying yes to the project. Maintaining a team also helps if we have friends in the same stream as us.


My friend has started her career as a freelance designer. Now she is working as a writer and a transcriptor along with her designing. We have many interests but majority of us choose only one interest as our job.

The perk of being a freelancer is we can choose different fields. If you are experienced and happy in those fields then definitely you have a bright career. I like to stretch my knowledge and search for my interests and work heartily for clients. I think this is the reason why i have worked with clients in different arenas.

YES..! or  NO..!

I used to be quiet and very eager to please people both personally and professionally which inturn drained my mind. So i have put aside all my pleasing attitude and started to deny the projects or demand more money .Due to my obsequious mentality, i have tried to make people happy but now my concept of happiness lies with me as well as my clients .This made me trustworthy for my clients.

The perk of being a freelancer is we have a choice to say NO if we aren’t interested rather than saying YES and worrying about the result.

Money payment

I have a nice income through my freelance work but sometimes bills are not paid on time. At first this used to be my biggest worry. Due the regular situation of waiting for the money ,now i am spending more cautiously and saving for later.

I have worked for months to establish a good income routine.I thought at first earning through freelancing would be easy but i have learned  “There is no free lunch”(—a very famous quote).So i have started working hard and earned my way through it.Choosing the work which pays more and can be completed in the given time is also one of the factor being considered as a freelancer because we should get minimum money to know we are worthful.

The major perk of being a freelancer is to learn how to balance money along with earning it which i haven’t expected. Funny though 🙂

The State of Achievement

I enjoy every minute of my work and feel the pride of achievement at the end of the day. Though this feeling is sometimes  mixed with Irritation,concern and agitation , mostly i feel like i have established something great.

When i had worked in the office i used to work like a robot because there was no place for my creativity and if i used any of my own originality then i was cornered.May be that was the reason for my frustration and lack of interest at that time. Now i realize how much i love being able to work something of my interest.

I love being my own boss.This always mean something to me.This is the biggest and unexpected perk of all.

Different professions for a freelancer:

Based on our Interest, Education, and Experience we should choose our Profession. As a freelancer we should satisfy the clients needs in the give time period. The name and fame for a freelancer comes from his performance of work along with the time factor.

  • If writing is your passion then you can be freelance writer. This can be done for Blogs, Articles for magazines, Ebooks Etc. If you have technical knowledge then get paid for Resumes, Letterheads, Websites etc.Proof reading and editing along with copy writing, working as a transcriptor are some freelance writing options
  • If you are good at Designing then Logo’s , Websites,Banners, Posters etc are your options.
  • If you have good voice and communication skills then telecaller or voice master will be one option for you.

There are many websites for freelancers to search for their correct career.


I opt for freelancing than a full time job because it fits my routine. What do you suggest..?

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