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Money the word which is mostly searched and ranked top in the search engines.This is because Everything revolves around Money but the question is …How To Earn It???


 money On the other day I asked a roadside vendor about his daily earning. I am shocked with his answer

He said,”I earn about $40/day(Rs.2600) from this stall , my wife earns about $50/day( Rs.3300)from her own stall , both my children were self employed and they earn about $1-$2 each daily. We all work for  our living  and my kids are saving for their higher studies”. I was shocked not because of his income levels but as his kids(one is in his 1st standard and other is in his 5th) also know about how to earn for their future.

Money-Making Mom: How Every Woman Can Earn More and Make a Difference

There are many ways to earn the money but i am not going to discuss all the ways because we all know them.Out of all Making Money Online has become the recent trend as it is time flexible and liberate us from the   9-6 job.{Though it is not that easy:)  }

If we already have some money and wanted to play a risk game then we can invest in stock marketsBut strategy is important here. The more we know about the strategical playing the more we can earn from trading.

Earning Money is not that easy but everyone of us work hard for the penny. I have seen many people giving the tips to do like this …to do like that… but putting them into live..! It is difficult. So out of all those tips i have taken some which have worked for  my friends and family.

Some Tips:

  • Analyse What you can do.
  • Calculate how much is needed(This is because there is no free Lunch. We have to invest some money to start what we are interested in. Don’t believe if anyone say you can do it for free because it also need some branding for it)
  • What is My Investment( This is not about Money.This deals with Time and your effort)
  • Marketing Strategy(we planned everything but how to implement it and target the right audience??)

If you have any questions or if you have tips to add, I would love to hear from you

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