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We all know that Respect cannot be demanded. Every one of us feels to be respected but how could we earn it without asking for it..? A bit hard right..!!

I have recently watched a film. In that, a person asks a normal housewife what makes you so much happy..?, Choose anything but when you see that your face should lit up. She thinks and searches all the shops for such things but     at-last tells that person I need Respect, My family (husband and children) needs respect…! Its the foremost thing that makes me happy.

Every one of us feels in the same way. In fact we work for earning it . Even a small kid also feels to be respected. If anyone calls a kid Hey boy..! or  Hey girl..!, they asks them to call with their name. There is no exception when it comes to respect because everyone needs it.

respectThere may be many times we feel that we are not respected.Some of them

  • When we are overlooked(This may not be intentional but still……)
  • We are laughed at (especially when we are in pain or some kind of trouble)
  • When our capabilities are underestimated.( This happens especially when we are new to that niche)
  • When our feelings are not taken seriously.(Don’t think this happens only in relationships)
  • When others take the decisions about us without proper intimation.

It becomes multiples of 10 if we write it. Some times we have to try too hard but most of the times we can earn it using little tactics.

There is famous slogan

If you give respect to others it in turn earns respect.

This works most of the time but most of the people expect or rather demand respect from others. This happens when we are working for someone(not all the time though) or if we are having hidebound family head. In addition to these Our family, Our Profession, Our income, Our persona, Our confidence etc also plays important roles.

We cannot change our family but remaining all can be changed . It may seem like a PRO concept but believe me every one starts their learning from alphabets right….??  Start from today don’t procrastinate…!

Respect others even if they don’t care about you, slowly they start to recognize and respect you .I know it is not that easy but its our life if we want to be respected improve Your persona along with your confidence levels. Many people think their profession is making them to lose respect, its not true firstly respect your own profession then it makes others to respect it.

One thing i can say is if respect comes from ones heart, it is ever lasting.